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.:The current economic context of globalisation
and increased competition means that companies must constantly adapt to their environments. Taking risks therefore becomes a major development challenge. This is why a growing number of organisations are now using systems and processes designed to control their risks whilst making sure that their objectives are achieved and their performance is improved.

Practical implementation of this process covers governance, risk management, internal control and compliance with laws, regulations or other reference systems.

Risk management: how do you pre-empt and manage uncertainty better?

    • Develop and distribute values guaranteeing integration of risk management in the corporate culture
    • Define the risk management, monitoring and control strategy
    • Develop and set up the organisation, processes and risk management tools
    • Develop risk mapping and manage change over time
    • Design and implement a fraud risk prevention process


Beijaflore helps its customers define their risk management objectives using a road map, develop risk maps, design and deploy the risk report and control system and above all coordinate risk management and decision-making processes (investments, project management).

Internal control system

    • Optimise the organisation's internal control and improve operations and performance management
    • Bring the internal control system in line with the organisation's governance challenges and risks
    • Optimise internal control systems related to financial and operational risks to reduce the cost of internal control systems
    • Change from internal control managed in project mode to internal control integrated in the organisation's operating modes


Beijaflore establishes a continuous improvement process, which reflects its customers' objectives and challenges, and takes their risks into consideration by establishing effective internal control that is perfectly adapted to the organisation.


    • Produce a risk map related to laws and regulations
    • Bring the organisation in line with laws, regulations and reference systems related to its business
    • Manage the changes produced by the distribution of new practices and procedures within the organisation
    • Create and develop a compliance function within the organisation
    • Optimise the compliance system


A few references

    • In the context of the certification process for a major real estate financing group, assistance with improving and optimising its procedures for managing guarantees received, and adoption of a new Basel defect and questionable accounting group system.
    • For a large investment bank, establishment of a counterpart risk management tool through the deployment of new issuer risk and delivery risk assessment methods.
    • In the context of a Basel II reporting system audit, diagnosis of areas for improvement and optimisation levers to improve efficient reporting and industrialise the monitoring of indicators.