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"Telecom Expenses Management"
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.:Companies have understood that their sustainable performance
is based on their ability to communicate internally and externally. This phenomenon is boosted by the abundance of communication services coming on the market. To meet this requirement, information systems now use the very latest technology, such as Telepresence, high definition videoconferencing, etc. However, the impacts of these developments are yet to be identified and a strategy is yet to be devised for the networks.

Which communication services best meet these requirements? How should I plan my communications in 5 years time? And what should I do to prevent my telecoms bill from skyrocketing with the explosion in flows?

In answering these questions, Beijaflore is an invaluable asset. Our Corporate Communications and Networks practice provides customers with market control and technological and methodological know-how.

Our objective
To assist key accounts in achieving their objectives by helping them meet their challenges: rationalisation (costs and infrastructures), network control and performance in order to accommodate current and future communication services.

A few references
  • Definition of a conferencing tool unification strategy and call for tenders management
  • IT infrastructure master plan
  • Management of redesigning of the network and security facilities management