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IS Strategy, Governance & Transformation offer
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.:IS management & governance offer
Companies can only meet their customer requirements through explicit and defined IS governance.

This is important in order to:
  • Make suitable decisions and develop high-performance services rapidly
  • Manage internal and external resources effectively within the framework of an organisation with well-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Control computer risks and guarantee compliance with regulations
  • Prioritize current operational management
  • Be involved in a continuous improvement cycle

We help corporate information systems departments diagnose and improve IS governance and management. Our offers help formalise and improve relations with IS customers and between IS subsidiaries, IS project portfolio management, performance measurement and financial management.
Each module in our offer implements continuously refined tools and know-how, in line with the five pillars of IS governance (see ITGI).

  • IS Governance maturity module
  • Project Portfolio Management Module
  • IS Risk Management Module
  • IS Marketing Module
  • IT Benefit & Financial Management Module 
  • IS Strategic Plan Module
  • Master Plan Module
  • Enterprise Architecture Module
  • Innovation Module




Examples of missions

> Increasing is project portfolio value -  banking sector 

  • IS strategic analysis for a multinational, design of project value measurement indicators, evaluation of current project management rules and development proposals
  • Definition of the IS project governance model: design of decision-making proposals and processes, definition of the roles and responsibilities of key players

An IS project planning model approved by Board of Directors and shared by the Group: improved strategic coherence, better allocation of resources, improved return on investment for IS projects

> Establishing IS risk governance and rick map  for an IS department with around twenty subsidiaries worldwide 

  • Bringing Beijaflore's diagnosis framework in line with the existing framework and customer context
  • Diagnosis, IS risk analysis and history of IT events for all of the IT subsidiaries
  • Consolidation and validation of the risk map by CIOs


  • IS risk map for the entire department approved by all CIOs and top 10 risks highlighted
  • Risk mapping process established that can be reproduced by IS compliance teams


> Designing the project portfolio resources management mode 
For a leader in the construction industry, establishment of a project portfolio resource management process to manage resources and key skills, allow their arbitration, and anticipate objectives in terms of deadlines, costs and performance.

> Assessment of the 2008-2010 strategic plan and definition of guidelines for 2010-2012

  • Around thirty interviews carried out with business units, functional managements and corporate entities
  • Development of a memo for the corporate management and all parties involved


  • An assessment of achievements and areas for improvement shared by all parties, taking major market changes into account
  • An IS strategic plan structured on the Group's financial and strategic plan
  • An IS strategy shared by all decision-makers to be taken into account in the project portfolio management


> Technologies master plan 
Development and distribution of the retail banking technologies master plan for a banking group: IT challenges, recommendations, technological reference system and innovation/rationalisation action plan.

> IS innovations management 
Within a banking group, strengthening of the system's contribution to business through the detection, qualification and experimentation of innovative technologies or new banking uses.