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.:Customer relationship management is an exciting business
 that changes its outlook completely every 5 years.

Some examples of key problems:
  • Sales pressure has never been so strong. Companies are increasing their outgoing campaigns by 50% a year, inundating customers with an uncontrollable number of messages. This flood of messages needs to be controlled more than ever.
  • Sales forces are disappearing. In an economically difficult context, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain large sales forces. A new paradigm must be invented.
  • Customer services are also changing: self-care continues to develop whereas call centres are increasingly governed by the value that they create.


Our role is to improve customer loyalty and increase value by providing further breakthrough innovations and ideas.

Our expertise
To improve the customer experience with various interaction channels, we are involved with the following:
  • Shared customer vision and segmentation
  • Offer of services differentiated into channels
  • Creation of synergies between channels
  • Development of future business
  • Multichannel loyalty and segmentation
  • Teams' mobilization on customer requirements


A few references
For an MVNO
Framework and launch of a new self-care service: priority given to functionality and controlling the implementation.
Customer benefits: call centres freed up, improvement of the processing of requests and optimisation of the costs.

For a TV group
To launch new services and deal with the success of its company, the group asked us to rethink its customer strategy and overhaul its tools, procedures and organisation in terms of Customer Care and Self-Care.
Customer benefits: improved customer image and processing of requests

For an operator
Redesign of the fixed customer and ADSL transfer process. Audit and recommendation to streamline and improve the customer experience at this key stage.
Customer benefits: improved image, streamlined and faster processes, reduction of the transfer churn.