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- Sales strategy & optimisation -

.:French companies have a long-standing reputation
for poaching due to the lack of sales policies. This is true for obvious reasons. How do you survive in a globalised market without using the same weapons as the competition?

The sales strategy affects human organisations and corporate tools. Our expertise in sales performance covers four areas:
  • Sales strategy, to create a competitive advantage 
  • Optimisation of sales channels and distribution strategy
  • Restructuring of sales, marketing and after-sales departments
  • Marketing plan


.:Industry focus

In this sector, the relationship between sales and supply chain is one of the key factors of sales performance. Synergies must be developed whilst ensuring continuity between sales plans and the industrial tool. 

In particular, this involves:

  • development of an industrial and sales plan
  • shared procurement management
  • selection of a tool to optimise forecasting requirements
  • management of promotions

A few references

  • Mass Marketing: design and implementation of S&OP and management of demand (process and tool)
  • Industry: process for forecasting the demand for flat products
  • Distribution: management of procurement and supplier association processes
  • PGC: “slow moving" and "refurbished" management processes
  • E-commerce: joint management of marketing and procurement plans