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.:Within a few years, the internet has become
one of the main customer usage and sales channels for companies (10 to 20% of sales and 20 to 40% customer actions). This channel has also shown the fastest progress in terms of channel market share. The Internet, itself a challenge, has now become the hub of new digital strategies for information, product and service providers.

Faced with this significant change, companies must find solutions to a number of challenges:
  • How do you monetise products and services better?
  • How do you make sure that the customer experience (transactional tunnel, use of information, etc.) is as efficient as possible?
  • How do you transform the Internet into a channel emblematic of your product range whilst reducing costs?
  • How do you operate all of the services offered?
  • How do you benefit from the potential of external social networks whilst controlling your website traffic?
  • How do you create a virtuous eco-system between the website and traditional and physical channels via a multichannel strategy?


Beijaflore is involved with web-based issues (user experience, customer process, content, etc.) irrespective of whether they concern information platforms, e-commerce sites or multi-service portals.

A few examples of missions

For an operator
Launch of innovative web-based services based on a social networking platform. Definition of the offer, product roadmap and project monitoring.
Customer benefits: successful launch in 4 countries, increased advertising revenue.

For a television channel
Improved customer experience on the website: identification of strategic levers and action levers, optimisation of the website's information architecture according to user behaviours and implementation of recommendations.
Customer benefits: improved transformation rate, doubling of traffic in terms of number of pages browsed.

For an operator
Redefinition of the operator's web strategy and upgrading of this distribution channel. Definition of a top-value offer and website exposure, development of the business model and business plan.
Customer benefits: 30% increase in revenue in 3 months and 50% reduction in distribution costs.