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.:Operational management must deal wih a double constraint : 
increase production capacity with a reducing budget. In most cases, this affects the quality, which is even more difficult to resolve as it is often perceived "subjectively" and not measured by indicators that are relevant to the business.

Beijaflore has developed its business process optimisation expertise based on intervention modes adapted to customer constraints, to inform and advise companies on:
  • securing commitments - quality, TTM
  • delivery performance - efficiency, increased volume of business
  • guaranteeing business continuity - functional BCP, risk on isolated or recurrent events

Our offer including framework to change management thereby helps to:

  1. identify sources of defects - audit
  2. propose solutions - recommendations - quick wins, define new monitoring/management/governance/transition plan models
  3. implement solutions - management transition, change management


.: Focus Lean Six Sigma

Beijaflore assists its customers with their process from framework to change management.Our improvement process missions can be based on Lean Six Sigma methodology, which has been tried and tested in the industrial sector and which is required increasingly in the banking sector. Particularly adapted to the study of complex processes, the Lean Six Sigma method produces significant gains in productivity.

How does Six Sigma differ from other methods?

- customer requirements are placed at the heart of the project by defining indicators that check whether objectives have been achieved
- a project phase is dedicated to the collection of measurements relating to the process operation
- a project phase is dedicated to controlling performances to maintain a continual improvement process and prevent any deviations

Our conviction
The success of a Lean Six Sigma project heavily depends on the project team's ability to involve expert operators who propose the most suitable improvement actions. Our missions are carried out by expert customer process teams. They understand the business rapidly, take IT constraints into account and implement Quick Win solutions rapidly.

A few examples of missions

For the Actions and Derivations division, coordination of a project to upgrade refinancing controls and optimise the cost of Front Office cash flow use. Project framework, definition of projects, mapping of processes and implementation of the management chart to monitor results.

Carrying out of network deployment operations, redesign of uses and processes, management of sub-contractors
=> 12% increase in success rate.

Management of a project to implement a new intervention management process in wastewater treatment plants.

Rationalisation of solutions to maintain B2B hosted services operational => 12% increase in efficiency rate.