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- Change management -

.:In a thriving context of business mergers and acquisitions 
and the rationalisation of information systems, major groups are faced with significant change management challenges.
How do you pre-empt and limit disruptions to current activity? How to you limit the risks of rejection or incorrect application of target processes?

Beijaflore meets these challenges through its Operational Change Management offer. It supports our customers in their transformation process from framework to roll-out covering the following three areas:

- Organisation

    • Mapping of target processes
    • Defining roles and responsibilities
    • Communicating with users

- Training and documentation

    • Business training adapted to process oriented, operational case-studies
    • Formalising the target organisation

- Assistance and communication

    • Implementing communication and assistance actions
    • Defining shift teams
    • Formalising information letters
    • Pre-empting possible extra costs


Our conviction
Our offer is based on our experience in major operational transformation projects. We have developed methodologies and training specifically for operational teams whose role in the project is essential.

  • Communication: using clear and consistent messages, regularly going back over the project fundamentals

  • Training: allowing process participants to become familiar with the change and drive the changes

  • Approach: showing how the change can benefit operational people personally.


A few references


    • Redesign of Trade Capture and Trade Management tools for the Vanille & Exotiques rate derivatives line, change management for the entire Front to Back chain and training for over 500 users.
    • Complete business change management carried out within the Operational Management of Capital Markets, Global Equity & Derivatives, for a new sub-contracting business for the OTC with underlying actions (swaps and options) across the entire Front to Back chain


    • Roll-out of an investment management system targeting technical and accounting inventory reliability for the customer's contractual obligations: change management for the training study phase for regional users.

    • Deployment of incentive management solutions (from the French Environmental Grenelle summit) adapted to local authority requirements, user assistance, adaptation of solutions according to specific contract requirements. 
    • Within the framework of a European regulatory obligation for monitoring dealer selection criteria, management of the deployment of a system allowing each subsidiary to demonstrate its sales network compliance with the European Directive.