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- Post merger integration -

.:Creating a merger dynamic between two organisations
requires solutions to different levels of issues:
- On a strategic level: what kind of merger?
- On an organisational level: what will be each person’s role and responsibilities?
- On a social level: what impact may there be on the company’s business?
- On a project level: what is the merger schedule? What are the priorities?

We deploy a project team to support our customers during this sensitive integration phase. The team generally focuses on 7 key success factors:

  1. Keep key talents: appointments, conflict management
  2. Conclude legal and financial matters: changes to employee status, financial engineering
  3. Focus on the business: protective methods, maintaining the rhythm of investment
  4. Overcome cultural differences: rhythm and speed of integration, managing uncertainties
  5. Secure effective synergy scope: realism of estimations, result traceability, project horizons
  6. Mobilise teams for successful operational integration: quick integration of the skeleton organisation, mastery of key processes
  7. Steer critical directions.