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.:Taking operational constraints into account
when defining objectives (strategic plan, budget) is essential for controlling growth:
- On the industrial level, identifying performance improvement options and debottlenecking investments determines the results.
- On the commercial level, defining competitively sustainable distribution and pricing policies is also necessary for achieving the desired profits.

Our Growth strategy and Supply chain offer assists corporate and operational management in three areas:
- Business plan and strategic control: assistance with designing strategic plans based on actual changes to specific "business" value drivers to assess growth control and development choices.
- Distribution and pricing policy: assistance with developing sustainable pricing strategies, managing customer portfolios for strategic targets and creating related distribution policies.
- Industrial organisation: assistance with improving performances by designing and optimising sourcing/production/distribution networks, and restructuring commercial and industrial planning practices.

This unit designs and develops tailor-made simulation and optimisation models to:
- Assess and model operational reality to transfer impact into financial projection scenarios
- Analyse the value of price x volume/customer segment scenarios taking production/marketing costs and alternatives offered by the competition and strategic targets into account
- Optimise production and distribution costs according to their main drivers and the availability of raw materials/end market demand (volume x product quality for each customer type) - Strengthen and instrument coordination between operational departments to achieve objectives

Examples of projects

  • Multimodal optimisation for an international industrial distribution network for a construction materials group (East Africa)
  • Design and implementation of production planning and control systems between industrial production/commercial/raw materials purchasing and organisational functions (chemicals group)
  • Optimum plant x product range x market allocation for a cement group (Europe)
  • Distribution and pricing policy for several business units of a major cement group