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"The challenges of sustainable logistics growth"
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.:At the heart of marketing, purchasing, production
and distribution, the Supply Chain is a performance lever. It facilitates competitive-edge and encourages new services to be developed.

We cover all aspects of the supply chain:
  • Organisation and process performance
  • Operational strategy: transforming the Supply Chain and bringing it in line with corporate strategy
  • Supply Chain planning: controlling decision-making on all corporate levels
  • Logistics performance: making logistics a pillar of the value chain

A few references

Specialist distribution
Redesign of the logistics master plan

Mass market 
Design and implementation of S&OP and management of the demand

Design and implementation of production processes and operational planning information security (IS)

Diagnosis and optimisation of the supply chain, reduction of stock, logistics costs and transport costs

Rail transport
Reduction of maintenance times to increase wagon availability

Assistance and management of a Value Stream Mapping procedure

Analysis and identification of value-added logistics services.