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.:Agri-food manufacturers
are in constant pursuit of reducing prices for the consumer.
- Consumers monitor expenditure very closely. For 82% of the French population, reducing expenditure has become a necessity. 
- Own-brand products are gaining the upper hand on major brands: 30% of revenue for French supermarket own-brands in 2008 (and 40% of the products sold), +3.2% in 2008 compared with -3.9% for major brands. 
- Hard discount has become a key food distribution channel: 14% of the food market, 10% of revenue in 2008 (compared with +2% in supermarkets). 

At the same time, new forms of consumption are emerging:
- a rising demand for more natural products (agri-foods, beauty products, etc.)
- a return to source: a simpler life style, healthier requirements
- a clear expectation for real product benefits.
A large number of brands are expanding their targets to wealthier and female customers, more attuned to health and well-being. There have also been well-structured actions by public authorites: fight against obesity, smoking, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Manufacturers have 4 levers to optimise brand value strategy: 


  • Optimise investments through better dynamic management of product portfolios
  • Optimise cost structure through synergies for offer launches
  • Find better market reaction through improved organisation
  • Optimise price positioning

A few missions

Beijaflore has developed expertise in methodology and support specific to this sector.

  • Product portfolio rationalisation and global cross-functionality missions for a leading FMCG company
  • Optimisation of launch synergies throughout Europe for a cosmetics manufacturer
  • Cluster-style restructuring to optimise the relationship with a major account
  • Sales and price policy missions for manufacturers in the negotiating framework