- Complex goods industry -

.:Complex goods industries -aeronautical, space, railway equipment, electric power plants …-


are characterised by a complex product that requires a contribution from a number of partners over a life cycle of several decades, from the initial design to withdrawal from service.
  1. The number of partners makes supply chain excellence particularly crucial.
  2. The length of the cycle magnifies the requirement and also the financing risks.
  3. Service has become a powerful growth lever, replacing the sale of new deals. 

To meet the challenges in this sector, Beijaflore has a proven approach with its clients covering:
  • diagnosis of finance requirements and their management
  • identification, monitoring and control of related risks
  • acceleration of every stage on the cycle
  • performance of the supplier supply chain
  • development of services complementing the products.

A few references

Naval industry: definition and establishment of the supply chain system

Energy: redesigning the processes and tools to speed up the cycle

For a car manufacturer:
solutions to optimise transportation of new vehicles from the plant to their final destination in Europe, with the aim of reducing global transport costs