- Distribution -

.:The distribution business has changed profoundly. 
RFID, CSR ethical standards, new marketing tools for improving customer knowledge at point of sale, etc.: distributors have incorporated significant technological developments over the last 10 years to become major players in globalisation. Among the top multinationals in terms of revenue, number of employees and volume of sales, Wal-Mart is the symbol of this distribution transformation. Also, when these giants restructure their business, the entire value chain is affected from the consumer in Moscow to the supplier in Hong Kong.

This mutation is not yet over. This situation is demonstrated by observations from major French distribution groups about new distribution formats. New technological, sales and marketing developments will affect manufacturers over the long term.

What development options will these companies have? What will become of the industry-retail relationship in 2015?

Whatever their strategy, distributors have 4 levers for their development:


  • Developing a multiple-channel store support strategy by improving impulse buying factors
  • Optimising marketing mix through new merchandising rotation techniques
  • Finding operational excellence through better coverage of the breakthrough rate at point of sale
  • Improving loyalty through more effective promotional campaigns


A few missions

  • Opportunity and optimisation studies for retail sites in Bazaar categories
  • Redesigning of category management at point of sale to improve brand visibility
  • Operational excellence missions at point of sale to find the right balance between aisle products and promotional products and reduce stock shortages
  • National and regional campaign management