-Energy & Utilities-

.:Climate change and environmental awareness,
instability of raw material prices and rarefaction of fossil fuel resources, international crises establishing the rise of Chinese and Indian economies, liberalisation of European energy markets and sustained international competition...these are some of the factors characterising the eventful political-economic environment of French companies in the energy and utilities sectors.

Among them, future leaders include companies that can see the paradigm shift in the world economy, which is entering a period of sustainable development. They will control the fundamentals of their sectors whilst transforming market indicators into business opportunities. More specifically, they will combine technological and organisational innovation, time competitiveness, anticipation of socio-economic environmental movements (in particular regulatory) and performance. They will be the link with their territory, will rely on their stakeholders and will control information.

To help them keep their sustainable competitive edge, Beijaflore assists with the roll-out of various strategic programmes:


  • Post-merger integrations
  • Intelligent communication technologies: smart metering/grid
  • Breakthrough innovations with, for example, electric vehicles
  • Environmental, water and waste markets: carbon market, HEQ buildings, renewable energies, consumption management
  • Regulatory constraints: 3rd climate and energy package, Grenelle Environmental summit, energy-saving certificates


A few missions

  • Study assignment on the management of gas flow in the distribution and storage networks
  • Recommendation on tools for billing of the quantities of gas consumed and recycling of electricity produced and resold on the market
  • Management of a project to implement a new intervention management process in waste water treatment plants.