- Investment banking -

.:Still heralded as springboards for growth 
despite the market turmoil in 2008, investment banks of major banking groups must now deal with three major challenges:


  1. Firstly, the hunger for risk. Corporate Management must define clear managerial guidelines for releasing equity through business lines and products, including the ability to control the cost of risk and compliance with Basel regulatory obligations. In practical terms, the investment bank's product offer and entire control process must include the risk element in its three strategic sections: controlling market risk, counterpart risk and operational risk.
  2. The second challenge: push forward the industrialisation and securing of operational and computer processes guaranteeing constant controls and optimised cost base. To sustain profitable growth, the correct level of support must be defined.
  3. The last major challenge is a restructuring of the HR policy with new obligations for paying traders, implementing talent management systems and increasing mobility. This sector is a talent battlefield, and Top Management must innovate to develop their appeal and agility to respond to short-term business cycles rapidly.


Supporting major banking groups and the Top Management, we are particularly involved in:

  • Defining the risk policy and running market risk optimisation, counterpart risk and internal control projects,
  • Producing operational efficiency programmes
  • Implementing a business organisation based on strategic customers
  • Running major HR projects