- Retail banking -

.:The penetration of banking services is extremely high all over europe.
Under these conditions, where can we find additional growth? How are new territories developed when the constraints on this sector are multiplying? For example:


  • emergence of global competitors
  • standardisation of products and tight margins
  • technological innovations lowering entry barriers for new arrivals
  • ever increasing regulatory constraints: Basel III, SEPA, etc.

Worse still, since 2007 the profession has been suffering from a badly damaged image; banking advisers are facing increasing distrust from their customers. Some banks advertise no commission for their sales representatives, others provide access to price comparison databases. How do you restore confidence in a bank and improve customer relations?

We provide an original solution to these various challenges to:

  • revive the fighting spirit of the sales networks
  • implement an employee performance appraisal system based on a new managerial culture integrating behaviour into performance
  • create a customer segmentation based on uses rather than assets
  • make clearer and more intuitive offers that customers can relate to.