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.:Almost 3 million French people 
have stated their intention to buy a tablet PC within the next 12 months, 84% of Web surfers watch videos on the Internet, almost 6 million French homes should have Web-TV in 2012 and 43% of news is broadcasted on social networks. The explosion of these consumption methods has started: on-line services are becoming more accessible, the number of supports and accesses are rapidly increasing, channels and channel packages are multiplying.

Beijaflore helps its media clients find answers to the current challenges. Which business models? Which offers to develop first? Which technical solutions to operate all of these services?

We work with them on the analysis and discussion phases:
  • opportunity study
  • strategic framework
and the implementation phases:
  • programme management
  • technical architecture.


Examples of missions

For a media operator
Opportunity study, business plan, framework, programme monitoring and launch of a catch-up offer
Customer benefit: effective launch

For a convergent operator
Opportunity analysis and European roll-out of a social network offer
Customer benefit: effective launch in France and roll-out for 4 countries in Europe

For a media company
Audit and recommendations for improving on-line assistance for their premium customer video portal
Customer benefit: churn rate reduced by 10 points to M+3 after implementing the action plan