- Services -

.:The services area occupies a growing proportion of western economies; 
it includes a growing number of increasingly diversified companies. Yet despite this diversity, this sector is characterised by three particularities:


  1. the inseparable nature of service production and its use by the end customer, with the consequence of having no stock. This requires an adjustment of prices according to the level of activity. How do you "play it by ear" whilst maintaining company flexibility?
  2. the key role of human resources in the provision of services with the need for constant service quality and meeting deadlines. Recruitment and training are, of course, key processes in the sector but the daily management of teams remains without a doubt the main concern. How do you make sure that the company's values and employee representativeness are respected? How do you define a balanced mix between collective performance and individual objectives? These are the daily challenges for the sector’s leaders.
  3. the more or less significant contribution by the customer to the service provided. Consequence: the customer takes a share of the responsibility in his perception of the service provided. This, therefore, means targeting customer segments to match the position required by the service provider.


To meet these challenges, Beijaflore has a complete offer:

  • Yield and revenue management to continuously adapt supply to demand and influence the level of demand
  • Switch from operational control to strategic and financial planning
  • Implementation of an employee performance appraisal system based on a new managerial culture integrating behaviours into performance
  • Customer segmentation and process, loyalty strategy, multiple-channel strategy