- Telecoms -

.:The telecommunications sector recently experienced a significant downturn
but everyone agrees with its great future because of important current competitive, regulatory, strategic and technical events. A future confirmed by growth in the telecommunications services market in 2010 and in particular the continual increase in interpersonal messages (+65.2% in one year).
New arrivals in the market, the 2012 digital plan, successful mobile Internet, HDTV, the emergence of innovative uses for energy, home automation and health, computers in cars, new contactless services, the surge in unified communications and eco-responsibility are subjects that our clients ask us to clarify. We also provide support and assistance in terms of forecasts, innovation and taking risks.

Beijaflore is heavily involved in the telecommunications sector. Our customers enjoy top-value assistance in every development phase:
  • Definition of growth and active enhancement levers: innovation, new services, diversification, partnerships
  • Study, framing and launch of offers
  • Assistance with implementation and change


Examples of missions

For an operator
Establishment of a pilot for the commercial launch of a contactless service in the town of Nice. Definition and recommendations for the services, development of the business model and the go-to-market strategy. Assistance with the commercial launch

For a telecommunications operator
Opportunity study and economic modelling of VoIP in the B2B and B2C market; technical study on the dynamics of the VoIP migration of major companies 

For a telecommunications services company
Development of the business and partnership strategy for the commercial launch of a software management solution for home automation and connection services